Thursday, August 28, 2003

First Post:

With the White Sox in the middle of an exciting division race, I thought it would be a great time to write about White Sox baseball. Especially since there doesn't seem to be a lot of Sox blogs out there. I guess most Sox fans don't work with computers (or know how to use one). I'll also post some about this city's other ballclub, but I'll give Cub fans a break and not mention the blown game in St. Louis last night.

Anyway, the Sox lost 7-5 to the Yankees today. Bad omen in the first when Crazy Carl got thrown out at 3rd with two outs. Must of thought it was a full count. I would have liked to seen Valentin get a chance to hit in that situation with two men on and two already in. Oh well, Carl did hit a homer and have three rbis to make up for it.

I also have to question Manual starting Cotts today. Going into the game he had 13 walks in 13 IP, and he had 4 more BB in .1 IP today. Buerhle would have been a better match against a patient team like the Yanks. But a least we learned Cotts is not ready for primetime. And with Wright's great pitching in relief, I think he deserves another shot in the rotation.

Minnesota has already beaten Anaheim to pull with 1.5 games of first. Go Rangers.