Monday, June 28, 2004

Bad Trade

I was excited when I first heard about the Garcia trade last night. But then my stomach dropped when I heard who we traded. Does Williams want to be every GM's bitch? He stooping pretty low to take one from the Mariner's Bavasi.

A lot of people are going to judge the Garcia trade on whether the Sox make the playoffs. If they make them then it was worth it. But hell, the Sox can win the World Series, and this trade will still stink. Garcia is a good pitcher, but it should have taken a lot less to get him. And if Bavasi actually thought Garcia's value was that high, Williams should have walked away.

But I doubt Bavasi thought Garcia's value was that high. It's more likely he knew William's wouldn't walk away.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Draft Day

It looks like the Sox picked up Ray Liotta in the second round of the draft. I'll admit, he looked good in Field of Dreams. But I wonder if all the coke he did in Goodfella's has taken a toll on his body.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Well That Was Pleasant

10 run defeats may be humiliating but you can put them out of your mind and forget about them when the next game starts. 1-0 losses suck, but at least you know you put up a good fight. But you can't seem to forget when your team blows a ninth inning lead.

They are the games that fill you with regret, the ones you can't get back. The games will keep popping back in your head as your team fights for a playoff spot. If they make the playoffs you might forget about them. If they don't, you will remember the years down the road.

Looking back at Keith Foulke's tenure with the Sox you wonder why the Sox ever traded him away. His numbers were great. But man did he blow some big ones. And when they come at a critical juncture of the season you simply can't get them out of you head.

Anyway, the Sox will eventually have to move someone else into the closers role this year. It may not happen now, but it's only matter of time. Sure, Koch is throwing better than he did last year, but that's not saying much. Someone who gives up a run every other inning they pitch can't be your closer. I say give Mr. Zero, our Japanese import, at shot at closing duties.

And speaking of humiliating defeats, The View From The Bleachers is having a World Series of Blogs Contest. Pleminary rounds consist of voting for your favorite blog by baseball division. I'm currently getting my ass kicked in the AL Central. I would appreciate it if you could stop by and vote for ChiSox Daily. And vote the Chicago way, early and often!

Update: While reading a post of another AL Central blog (who has already voted twice) I learned that you might have to refresh the page to vote for ChiSox Daily if another division is being polled. Just keep refreshing until the AL Central poll pops up.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Into the 9th

Billy Koch is on to close a 2-1 game. The Sox had a chance to score some insurance runs but failed to score with the bases loaded. They were loaded with 2 outs so there is no shame in not scoring. But they were loaded by Rhodes walking three batters, so maybe Rowand should have just taken the 2-0 pitch. Instead, he swung and grounded out to short.

Oh well, back to the game. Durazo singled to start the inning. Shit. No four run lead to work with this time Billy.


I stayed up until the 7th inning last night but went to bed with the Sox down 4-1. They went on to make a game of it before losing in 12 innings.

In the eighth, Big Frank hit a 2 run shot off ex-Sox, underhander Chad Bradford to make it 4-3. Jose tied it up with a 2 out homer in the ninth.

It's too bad I missed the comeback, but I'm glad I didn't stay up just to see them lose in twelve.

The Sox actually had a few chances to score runs early in the ballgame but ran into some good fielding and bad luck. In the first, Carlos Lee drove a ball to center with Willi Harris on second base, but Kotsay made an amazing Willie Mays style running catch at the wall to end the inning.

In the second, Rowand hit a line drive to second that McLemore caught and then threw to first to double off Korneko. McLemore jumped to catch the liner and started his throwing motion to first even before he landed back on the ground.

In the third, Willie Harris smacked a hard liner to third with Uribe on base. Unfrotunatley it was right at Chavez.

The Sox also got in on the defensive action with a great play of their own in the third. With Melhuse on second base with no outs, Jose Uribe field a grounder at second. But instead of getting the out at first, Uribe used his strong arm to nail Melhuse at third.

The play was probably unecessarily risky as the tag just barely beat Melhuse to the bag. Withou a perfect throw the A's have runners on the corners with no out. But it was a perfect throw and an exciting play.