Friday, February 13, 2004

Kenny Speaks (To The Hearing Impaired)

After we put the baby to bed at night, I often turn on the TV in the living room with the sound really low and the closed captioning on. Unfortunately, the baby is currently sleeping right next to our living room and there is no other way to watch the boob tube.

My wife can't stand it and usually heads off to bed. We could watch on another TV, but we only get cable in the living room. I suppose I could read a book instead (I'm currently reading Tides of War by Steven Pressfield - highly recommended) but after a long day at work and taking care of the baby at home I can't wait to veg (sp?) out.

Anyway, I was watching South Park on Wednesday night in closed captioning and it was still pretty enjoyable. It had Karl Reiner stuffing his fat ass while trying to ban smoking in South Park by any means necessary.

And midway through the show I notice that the closed captioning is giving Kenny complete, ungarbled dialogue. So if anyone out there is dying to know what Kenny is saying you can turn on the CC and find out. But it's probably not worth it as you can get the jist of what he says through the context of the show anyway.