Thursday, June 03, 2004

Well That Was Pleasant

10 run defeats may be humiliating but you can put them out of your mind and forget about them when the next game starts. 1-0 losses suck, but at least you know you put up a good fight. But you can't seem to forget when your team blows a ninth inning lead.

They are the games that fill you with regret, the ones you can't get back. The games will keep popping back in your head as your team fights for a playoff spot. If they make the playoffs you might forget about them. If they don't, you will remember the years down the road.

Looking back at Keith Foulke's tenure with the Sox you wonder why the Sox ever traded him away. His numbers were great. But man did he blow some big ones. And when they come at a critical juncture of the season you simply can't get them out of you head.

Anyway, the Sox will eventually have to move someone else into the closers role this year. It may not happen now, but it's only matter of time. Sure, Koch is throwing better than he did last year, but that's not saying much. Someone who gives up a run every other inning they pitch can't be your closer. I say give Mr. Zero, our Japanese import, at shot at closing duties.

And speaking of humiliating defeats, The View From The Bleachers is having a World Series of Blogs Contest. Pleminary rounds consist of voting for your favorite blog by baseball division. I'm currently getting my ass kicked in the AL Central. I would appreciate it if you could stop by and vote for ChiSox Daily. And vote the Chicago way, early and often!

Update: While reading a post of another AL Central blog (who has already voted twice) I learned that you might have to refresh the page to vote for ChiSox Daily if another division is being polled. Just keep refreshing until the AL Central poll pops up.