Thursday, August 05, 2004

Sox Pick Up Alomar

Is this some sort of sick joke? We traded for Roberto Alomar? Again?

I've never been more embarassed to be a Sox fan. Kenny Williams has made some bad trades, but this is beyond explanation.

One, we have very little chance of making the playoffs. We are currently 5.5 games behind the Twins in the division and 4.5 games behind the A's in the wildcard. Without Frank and Magglio it's not very likely we'll play much better than .500 ball down the stretch. I'm not saying we should give up on the season. But it would be silly to waste any prospects trying to add a veteran for the stretch run.

So we give up cash and a player for the Roberto Alomar? Roberto F***ing Alomar?

Two, we already have two second baseman who can put up the same, if not better, numbers than Alomar. Has Kenny boy looked at Roberto's stats over the last three years? F***ing pathetic.

I actually was starting to give Kenny a bit of credit for making the trade for Contreras. It improved the Sox in the future while still letting them compete now.

But this trade, along with overpaying for Garcia, shows that Kenny Williams has no f***ing clue.