Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I'm Back

Ok, I was gone a little bit longer than expected. But I'm back a plan on making daily posts from here on through the elections. Since the Sox seem to be done, I'll probably be posting more on the Bears and politics.

But speaking of the Sox, Mark Buerhle caught a lot of grief from Twins fans (who just obsess over the Sox) for suggesting the Twins only have two good pitchers and will take a quick exit in the playoffs.

Now no Sox player should be talking shit to a team they just lost the division to for the third straight year. But with that said, Buerhle is right.

The Twins think small which is why they probably will make a quick exit in the playoffs. They should have tried to trade for another starter at the deadline. They had minor league assets necessary to go after top players, even ones who weren't necessarily being shopped.

But instead, they were sellers instead of buyers at the deadline, dumping Minky on the Red Sox for a minor leaguer.

Huh? I know the Twins must operate with a heavy emphasis on developing minor league talent but at some point you need to take a chance and go all in. They can't expect to win the division every year. With the Indians and Tigers improving the Central should be more competitive next year and beyond.

And oh yeah, the Sox might be pretty good too. They had a decent year at the gate and should have more revenue coming in through their new cable venture with Comcast. Expect them to be active in the free agent market this year.