Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sox Trade Lee

If the Sox were going to trade any of their big right handed hitters, I always thought it made the most sense to trade Carlos Lee. Without a doubt, Carlos Lee is a good ball player. But his trade value to the Sox was greater than his true value on the field.

Or so I thought until Kenny Williams pulled the trigger and traded El Caballo to the Brewers for light-hitting Scott Posednik and a relief pitcher. Without a doubt the Brewers came out on top talent wise in this deal. I would like to believe even Kenny Williams realizes this. So the key to this trade is the $6 million in salary that the Sox just unloaded. Rumors are that the Sox plan on picking up another starting pitcher.

This deal will need to be judged in light of any free agent signing the Sox make with the money they saved unloading Carlos. The Cheat runs the numbers here.