Friday, July 29, 2005

Frank Out for The Year

It's been a while since I blogged as I've been busy with moving and selling my condo. Farewell Chicago, hello suburbs (ugh).

Anyway, the big news is that Big Frank is most likely out for the year. Now this shouldn't hurt their chances to make the playoffs which, barring a complete collapse, are a sure thing. But it sure will hurt them in the playoffs when their mediocre offense will have to line up against good pitching every day.

So now is the time for Kenny Williams to stop worrying about AJ Burnett, or any other pitcher, and pick up another bat who can help the Sox score some runs this postseason. I'll take my chances with a starting rotation of Buerhle, Garland, Garcia and Hernandez (if a 4th starter is needed). But I don't think this offense can produce enough to take the Sox to the World Series.

Three names I would like to see in a Sox uniform:

Adam Dunn
Ken Griffey Jr.
Aubrey Huff