Monday, September 19, 2005

Did Gardenhire Hold Back Santana To Pitch Against Sox?

A couple of weeks back I looked through the schedule and was relieved to see that the Sox were scheduled to face Johan Santana only once in the home and away series the Sox and Twins began this past weekend. But then the series came and to my shock (and horror) realized that we would have to face him twice.

The funny thing is that he was scheduled to pitch on Wednesday, but Gardenhire started rookie Francisco Liriano instead. And Friday, Gardenhire opened the Sox series with Scott Baker. So he starts on Saturday, shuts down the Sox, and is scheduled to open up against the Sox in the series that starts Thursday at the Cell. Is this just coincidence or is Gardenhire trying to help out the Indians? If he starts either Wednesday or Friday, he pitches only once in the 7 games.

But I think the Sox may have a surprise ready for the Twins on Thursday when Brandon McCarthy takes the hill against the hapless Twins hitters.