Friday, November 18, 2005

Salary Table

This is a little rough right now, but quite frankly, I can't waste any more time trying to pretty this thing up. Not a lot of analysis has gone into this other than assuming Rowand and Vizciano will not be playing for the Sox next year, and Paulie will. I think Rowand will be traded, Hernandez should be kept over Vizciano, and would like to see Paulie back at $13M/per year.

Now Konoerko doesn't put up the type of numbers to justify that amount of money. Although I happen to think they will in fact improve as his walk rate went up dramatically and he has a very simple swing that I think will age well. Even still, Ithink the Sox would be able to get more for their money by not signing him for $13m, but the "fan" in me wants see Paulie in a Sox uniform next year. Anything over that amount and the Sox will have to let him walk. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Salaries in RED are my best guess at the final free agent/arbitration numbers. I think the table shows that Sox do have some flexibilty to trade some salaries and fill some holes. The main thing missing from the roster below is a dependable backup for Uribe.


Position PlayersDH/BenchRotationBullpen
Pierzynski c
Thomas DH
Buehrle lhp
Jenks rhp
Konerko 1b
Borchard of
Contreras rhp
Hermanson rhp
Iguchi 2b
Ozuna if
Garland rhp
Cotts lhp
Crede 3b
Harris if
Garcia rhp
Politte rhp
Uribe ss
Widger c
McCarthy rhp
Marte lhp
Podesdnik lf
Gload DH
Hernandez rhp
Anderson cf
Dye rf