Thursday, December 08, 2005

Just Say Thank You

So Vince Carter wins a state title for his High School way back in the day and now generously agrees to donate $2.5 million for the construction of a new gym. And some assbag on the school board has the nerve to criticize the school for putting a statue (donated) of Vince in front it.

"There have been many students graduated from that school who have made wonderful contributions to their fellow man — in science, health, theater. Where are their statues?" Conte asked. "I think we're saying we value you if you can make a lot of money, and that troubles me."

Well Ms. Conte, how much money did these scientists, doctors and actors give back to their High School. Even for Vince Carter, $2.5 million is a significant chunk of change. Have any of your other more esteemed graduates given aproportionatee amount of their salaries? Do they ever even go back to Mainland High?

And is it really that odd that they would put a statue of the best athlete ever to walk their halls in front of the gym? Even, if he didn't give the $2.5, how could someone complain about putting a statue of Vince in front of the gym? It's not like they are plopping him in front of the library!

Ms. Conte, you should be thankful Vince Carter has continued to support his alma mater long after he graduated. Putting a statue of him in front of the gym is the least you can do to show your appreciation. Me, I would change the name of the school to Vince Carter High. That has a nice ring to it, much better than the ordinary "Mainland".