Friday, October 20, 2006

Huskie Do

Recently, five UCONN fotball players were kicked off the football team for purchasing beer. Coach Randy Edsall showed no mercy in giving this quintet of would-be inebriants the boot even before they had the chance to open up a cold one.

Coach Edsall is far cry from shis basketball counterpart at UCONN, Jim Calhoun, who let's convicted criminals play for his team. I would say Edsall's actions show Calhoun to be ethically challenged, but in fact both Coach's decisions fail to stike the right balance between discipline and compassion.

A player like Marcus Williams, who betrayed the trust of fellow students and athletes when he stole laptops from members of the UCONN women's team, should have never seen the college hardcourt again. The UCONN football players, who bought some beer, much like 95% of the college population, probably just deserved to run an extra lap at practice.

Neither decision reflects well on the University.