Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pat Riley Plays the Media

Wow, I agree with Jay Marriotti.

The big story after the Bull’s victory last night over the Heat was the flagrant takedown of Luol Deng in mid-air by Miami thug scoundrel James Posey (editors note: you are longer allowed to use racist code words like thug when discussing the NBA). At least in Chicago that was the big story.

It was the third cheap shot Posey has given the Bull sin the past year. In the playoff series last year, Posey blindsided Hinrich on a drive which cost Posey a one game suspension. He fouled Tyrus Thomas hard as went up for a dunk in this year’s season opener and broke his nose (Posey was not punished for that one) and now he has reinjured Luol Deng’s wrist that Deng had broken less than two years ago.

Posey was thrown out of the game last night and might be looking at a multiple game suspension. Of course if it might help Posey’s case if the media attention was deflected off on to something else. Cue Pat Riley.

Riley accused Hinrich of a dirty play that ended up injuring Wade’s wrist:

''Yeah, Hinrich pulled his hand. Hinrich grabbed his hand -- which he does all the time. That's what he does,'' Riley said of the first-quarter sequence. ''Anytime Dwyane comes off screens, they always grab his shirt or his hand. It's a little bit of a tactic, down below the body where the official can't see it. He had Dwyane's hands, and he tried to pull it out of there. And something happened.''

That’s just silly. Hinrich was just trying to fight through a screen and there was no intent to injure anyone.

But ESPN and Deadspin highlight the comments about Hinrich and ignore the cheap shot that might have re-broken Luol Deng’s wrist. Pat Riley, the media maestro.