Friday, March 26, 2004

TV Crushes

Sethspeaks had a fun post the other day on sitcom girls he used to have crushes on. I think we both agree that Winnie was a babe. Staci Keenan is pretty hot too. I also thought My Two Dads was on longer than a year. I guess anything with Paul Reiser seems to take forever to end. But I thought the girl on ALF seemed a little bit trashy. Of course that may be a plus for some people.

He also mentions Kelly form Saved By the Bell, but I always thought Lisa was the cutest girl on the show. Why didn't Zach ever make a move on Lisa?. We were forced to watch Screech pine for a relationship that white America just wasn't ready to accept.

I'm surprised to see Topanga on the top of Seth's list. Not because she wasn't hot, but because I think both Seth and I we're probably a little bit to old when Boys Meets World came on to admit such things.

But hey, at least he didn't mention Vicki form A Small Wonder. But maybe he's more in to Harriet.