Friday, April 23, 2004

Bad News

Very sad news out of Afghanistan. Pat Tillman, who left the Arizona Cardinals football team to join the army after September 11th, was killed in an ambush.

Everyone who joins our military must make huge sacrfices. Sometimes they must make the ultimate sacrifice. Pat Tillman's death should not be mourned more than other other soldier whose life is taken.

But at the same time, reading about his death does have a greater impact on me than reading about other casualties. That's because I know if I was in the same position he was in, I doubt I would have made the same decisions he did.

Pat Tillman and his brother gave up a life of privilege to defend the country they loved. It was a noble act that is more the exception than the norm in society today. For that I would like thank Pat Tillman and wish his brother a safe return home.