Friday, April 16, 2004

Sox Sweep

The Royals were the second most popular choice as AL Central Champs among many baseball "experts". Given that the starting rotation was pretty bad last year, and they didn't do much to improve it, I found their selection a bit puzzling.

Yes, they added Juan Gonzalez, but offense wasn't their trouble last year. It was their pitching. Many Royal fans are hoping the return of Kevin Appier will bring some life (and some balance) to the Royals rotation. But the fact that Royals regard a 36 year old pitcher, coming off the DL and a 2003 ERA of 5.40, as their savior speaks volumes as to how bad their rotation is.

I know the Royal's lefty starters don't match up well with the Sox lineup. But they lost 4 out of 5, and were lucky to get even one win against the Sox. I just don't think they have a legitimate shot at the Central crown.

Anyway, I hope to be able to actually watch most of the Sox game tonight. Weekday baseball is great - if you don't have a job! Fox Sports net has been replaying the games at night, but I have a real hard time watching a game for which I already know what happens. I usually just watch when I know the Sox are about to score. But the 10th inning homer by Maggs was awesome. Hopefully I will be able to watch some dingers live tonight.