Monday, March 21, 2005

Buerhle Out

The Sox got their first bad break of the season as it looks like Mark Buerhle may be out up to six weeks with a fractured bone in his foot. Thankfully, Brandon McCarthy has been pitching great in spring training and looks like he will be a capable fill-in for a couple of starts before Buerhle comes back the end of April/early May. But even with McCarthy pitching well, the loss of Buehrle comes at a horrible time for the Sox as they start the season with a slate full of AL Central opponents.

On a personal note, I plan on blogging more after taking a couple of months off. There has been limited blogging for two reasons: first I was finishing up my MBA and my final two courses happened to be quite challenging; second, I don't follow the baseball offseason that closely.

Now that the season is approaching I plan on blogging more, although there will be a short interruption as I plan to celebrate finishing the MBA program by going out to Vegas for the final four and opening day.