Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday Notes

My last post was premature as Mark Buehrle did not suffer a broken bone in his foot and is scheduled to start opening day.

The bad news of the week is that they brought Chloe back on 24. Is there a more annoying character on TV right now? I thought I had seen the last of her on 24 when she appeared on Fox's "The Sketch Show". I guess 24 decided to extend this year's torture theme beyond the storyline and to its viewers.

Speaking of 24, it's been very hard to take the President seriously in this year. The actor used play the father in the Married With Children take-off, Unhappily Ever After. I keep waiting for him to speak to Mr. Floppy.

But on the bright side of TV land, Mikalah Gordon was voted off American Idol. She was just plain awful (not to mention weird).