Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bullpen Woes

I guess the World Series spoiled me a bit because I am not comfortable with the thought of the White Sox potentially falling out of first place tonight.

The Sox are still tied for the best record in baseball, but that won't be the case for long if changes aren't made to the bullpen. McCarthy heads back to the bullpen with Contreras coming off the DL which provides the pen some relief. But other moves should still be made.

The Sox need to send Boone Logan down once Contreras is back on the roster. They shouls also send Montero down (I'm not sure why he was even brought up) and call up Javy Lopez who has pitched well in the minors.

This would give the Sox a pen of:


This would still leave the bullpen as the weakest area on the team, but not weak enough to torpedo a playoff spot. It would still be wise to make a move to shore up the bullpen and acquire another arm in a trade and I have no doubt Kenny Williams is working on it as we speak.

My choice would be to make a trade for Scott Williamson of the Cubs. He is not part of the Cub's long term plans, as they have Dempster, Eyre and Howry signed for the next three years. Williamson has had control problems throughout his career but there is not doubt that he has some nasty stuff. If the Cubs continue to fall in the standings they will start to looking to deal, and as the bullpen is their one area of strength, Williamson would be a logical player to trade. Kenny has never been afraid to trade prospects so this could be a match.