Monday, May 01, 2006

Ha Ha, The Twins Stink

Wow, can the Twins really be this bad? The Twins are in fourth place in the AL Central and falling fast. So far they are 0-9 against the three teams ahead of them in the division.

They were swept by the Indians three weeks ago and outscored in the three game set 17-8. Eight runs in a three game set is usually good enough for the Twins to pull out one win in a series but this year their pitching has been just as bad as their hitting.

Unfortunately for the Twins, the Cleveland series would be their best showing against the Central’s top three teams. Last weekend they were dominated by the Sox in a three game set and outscored 23-6. It was especially satisfying that the Sox tagged each of the Twins top starters, Santana, Radke and Silva, with a loss, as all three had given the Sox problems in the past.

I thought outscoring an opponent 23-6 in a 3 game series was about as good as it gets. But then this past weekend the Twins went ahead and got swept by epic proportions 33-1. This is one of the biggest routes in a three game set in baseball history and arguably the worst since WWII.

Add it all up and the Twins are 0-9 against the Sox, Indians and Tigers and have been outscored 73-15.

Nothing would make me happier than to watch the Twins battle the Royals for last place in the division. Twins fans were incredibly smug and arrogant as their team won three straight Central division crowns from 2002-2004. It is certainly fun returning some of the hate.

I actually don’t think they are as bad as KC. The Twins did play all three of their rivals on the road and they are actually 9-6 against the rest of the league (and outscored them 82-75). But they certainly don’t look better than a fourth place team and are going to have a hard time finishing the year above 500.