Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Gone In A Flash

The Sun Times is reporting that the Sox will not try to resign Tom Gordon. This probably means they weren't able to find any serious takers for Billy Koch. If they had they might have used the extra cash to try and keep Gordon.

Gordon didn't have a great ERA last year, but at times he was dominant. The Sox will now look for Damaso Marte to take over closing duties and he's more than capable. But this still leaves a big hole in the bullpen. Hopefully Koch will be able to bounce back from his poor 2003 season.

There is some good news in the article. Williams says he expects Ordonez to be in the lineup in 2004. I've gone on record saying I don't want the Sox trading Ordonez. But everyone has a price. And it's important to remember that Seattle prospered after the departures of Griffey, Johnson & ARod.

My main worry was that Williams wouldn't get enough in return if he traded Ordonez. At least this article gives me some comfort that Williams will demand a high price in order to depart with Maggs.