Friday, November 14, 2003

A Quick Political Tidbit

Does Josh Marshall actually believe the administration's policy towards North Korea is aggressive and unilateral? Or does he just not mind contradicting himself to advance the Democratic agenda? I report, you decide.

Josh Marshall on the administration’s North Korea policy, November 14, 2003:

"But in no small measure the stance of the current South Korean government is the result of the Bush administration’s aggressive and unilateral policies toward the Korean Peninsula."

Josh Marshall on the administration’s North Korea policy, March 6, 2003:

"QUESTION NUMBER TWO tonight in the president's news conference was on the North Korea crisis. The answer was depressing. And the message was clear: we have no policy. The president wants help from the Chinese, South Koreans, Russians, Japanese, etc. etc. etc. Can anybody help? Does anyone have a policy we can borrow? Does anyone have another question? Next question. "

Now I guess having no policy can in fact be argued to be aggressive. It wouldn't be easy to argue, but one could try. But I don't see how you can spin asking for help as being a unilateral policy.