Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Nomar to Sox?

Could this be true? A lot of Sox fans have been upset by talk of trading Ordonez. I didn't want to see Ordonez go, but thought it best to see who Williams could get in return before passing judgement. If we do in fact get Nomar the trade will be worth it.

There are some risks. Ordonez is a slightly better offensive player. But Nomar has a great bat and is also great defensively playing a crucial defensive position. And what maybe most important for the Sox is that Nomar is a "big" name.

For many reasons, but mainly because of his shy personality, Ordonez has not had a marketing profile that a ballplayer with his impressive offensive numbers would usually enjoy. If he played in Wrigley the story might be a little bit different.

But Nomar comes in with his celebrity credentials already established. Will this bring in more fans? I think it will. And if the Sox need anything to help them compete in the future it's more fannies in the seats.

The Sox will still need to add some pitchers to take a run at the division title. But Minnesota hasn't made any great moves to improve themselves so the bar is not set that high. Anyway, this deal isn't done so I really don't want to say anymore about it. But this would be a good move.

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