Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Maybe you have noticed I have some links to some type of Scooter page under Sponsors on the right. Last month I received an e-mail asking me if I would add them to my site for a small monthly payment. I figured the link would somehow take you to a porn site or something, but it looks to be legitimate. Anyway, I went ahead and took the deal and added the links to the site.

Now this month I get an e-mail from a fellow blogger who was also asked to add the links and was now conducting due diligence on the company to make sure everything was kosher. We get to talking and it turns out my fellow blogger was able to negotiate a higher price. Negotiate! Are you kidding me?

Now I’m currently getting my MBA at one of the premier business schools in the nation but I’m obviously not learning enough. Why didn’t I think of asking for more! Well, actually I’ll tell you why. It’s like you’re walking to work one day and someone comes up to you and says “Hi, I’ll pay you X amount of dollars for you to walk to work.” My first reaction wouldn’t be “No, how about Y amount of dollars.” It would be “No problem” while thinking to myself, “What a fool, I was walking there anyway!”

But if you’re going to be in business, you have to realize that no one is going to give you something for nothing. So even if I’m going to do the blog anyway, I’m still providing a service to Mr. Scooter. And I actually believe I’m getting paid a fair amount. Maybe if my hits keep increasing I’ll say my rates have increased. But if anyone happens to buy a scooter after seeing them on my site, please send me an e-mail and let me know. I’m sure they make enough money from one scooter sale to pay my monthly fee for years.