Thursday, December 04, 2003

Sox Make Minor Move

Well the Sox made a minor move the other day, sending Aaron Miles to Colorado for Juan Uribe. The Sox traded away your classic overachiever for your classic underachiever.

I thought Aaron Miles would have been a great story. Career minor leaguer finally gets chance in the majors. It still might happen, but not in a Sox uniform. I’m not sure why Williams didn’t want to give Miles a shot at second. His numbers in the minors were good but the article states he was a defensive liability. Frankly, I don’t know enough about the situation to tell you if that’s a correct judgment.

Uribe, who has hit .240 and .253 the last two years playing at Coors field, will replaceTony Graffinino, who will most likely move on to greener pastures, as the utility infileder. This is a called a downgrade.

Unless Williams makes another move Willie Harris will be the Sox 2004 starting second baseman. He’s young enough for me to hope he can still be a productive player. At least it sounds like Roberto Alomar will not be back.

And I can’t understand why so many Sox fans want to resign Alomar. Look, I thought the Alomar trade was a good idea. You weren’t getting a lot of production from 2B anyway, so why not take a shot that Alomar could rejuvenate his career back in the AL. Take in the fact that the Mets paid most of his salary, and it was definitely worth it. But newsflash folks, it didn’t work out. Take a look at his numbers. I don’t want this guy anywhere near 35th & Shields next year. Those type of numbers come a lot cheaper than what Alomar is looking to get.