Monday, May 24, 2004

A Good Pummeling

At the start of the season, I figured the Sox had a chance to win the division this year, but I sure didn't expcect them to. I predicted that they would again finish second to the Twins.

After this weekend's thrashing of the Twinkies, I am starting to think the Sox will win the division. I know I am probably just setting myself up for another September crash, but what I saw this weekend has changed my mind.

It's not what I saw from the White Sox bats, although it was impressive. It's what I saw from Minnesota pitchers that gives me hope.

Silva, Greisinger, and Sanatana were all hit hard by the Sox. Lohse is being hit hard by other teams. The only dependable starting pitcher they have right now is Radke.

The Twins will not win the division without three strong starting pitchers (and by strong I mean ERA under 4.50). I'm sure most Twins fans were hoping their Big Three would be Santana, Radke and Lohse. Lohse was probably the big question mark going into the season and he has not responded.

But Santana is the big disappointment. And if they don't have Santana, they don't have a chance.