Friday, May 14, 2004

Interview With Kerry's Triceps

For those of you out of town, the Chicago Tribune publishes a dumbed down version of the paper called Red Eye. It sells for half the price (25 cents) and tries to inject some humor into their stories. Today they published an interview with Kerry Wood's triceps.

Unfortunately, their attempts at humor usually leave much to be desired which isn't all that surprising. After all, if these were good writers, they would be writing for the Trib, right?

On a side note, once the the Tribune started publishing Red Eye, the Sun Times immediately tried to undercut the Trib by passing out a dumbed down version of the Sun Times (stay with me here and just assume the Sun Times could be dumb downed any further) called Red Streak. They actually weren't expecting Red Streak to succeed, but rather trying to kill Red Eye so the Sun Times could have the dumbed down market for themselves. It doesn't look like the strategy has worked and now the Sun Times has increased their newstand price to match the Trib at 50 cents. It will be interesting how many people still prefer the ST at the same price as the Trib.