Thursday, May 27, 2004

NL First Baseman On Fire

I was doing a little research to see how the Cubbies were doing on their offseason trade with the Marlins (actually I know how the trade was working out - the Sox fan in me just wanted to enjoy looking at the numbers) and was surprised to see so many NL first baseman tearing the cover off the ball.

Choi has the seventh highest OPS - at .946! Albert Puljos is right in front of him at .950. In fact, 5 NL first baseman have an OPS greater than 1.000, which is more than any other position in either league combined. In fact there are only 15 players who currently have an OPS greater than 1.000 in both leagues.

By position they are:

C - 1 (1 AL)
1B - 5 (5 NL)
2B - 0
3B - 3 (1 AL, 2 NL)
SS - 0
OF - 4 (1 AL, 3 NL)
DH - 1 (Big Frank)

I would expect Casey, Overbay and Wilson to drop below 1.000 in the near future, while Puljos may end up joining Thome and Helton.

Derek Lee, who has career OPS of .818, is currently struggling at .778. While that isn't that far off his career average, he has finished with an OPS above .870 in 3 of his last 4 seasons as a Marlin, which is more in line with what the Cubs thought they would be getting when they made the trade.