Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big Bad Bobby

Although Bobby Jenks started the year slowly I didn't think he pitched as badly as his numbers suggested. Sure he had a couple of bad outings that shot his ERA up to 5.53, but for the most part he was getting the job done, blowing just one of his first eleven save opportunites.

Since his last blow-up on May 10th, Jenks has been almost unhittable, striking out 17 batters in the last 10.2 innings and giving up only four hits (and one of those was a mis-play by Ozuna). After getting his second straight save against the Tigers tonight, Jenks dropped his ERA to 3.20.

Jenks On a Roll
thru 5/10/0618111014.295.52173159.25.0
after 5/10/06910710.200.00441714.34.25

The funny thing about Jenks recent dominance is that he is completely predictable on the mound. Throw fastballs until you get 2 strikes then put the batter away with a curve. You know what's coming, I know what's coming and the batter knows what's coming. And they still can't hit it.