Friday, June 02, 2006

Garland Takes On Rangers

It’s up to Jon Garland tonight to be a streak-buster. Yikes. Garland’s main problem this year has been giving up the long ball and the Rangers are not a good match-up for him in that department. Garland can go a long way towards turning around his season by shutting down the Rangers tonight.

But just in case Garland falters again, the offense better be ready to go. They should be able to score some runs off Texas starter Kameron Roe, who come in with a 4.49 ERA. Roe has done well on the road this year (2.79 ERA) and he did get a win against the Sox last year during their August slide. Let's home the Cell reminds him of the Ballpark at Arlington where his ERA is 5.94.

Let’s hope Ozzie gives Anderson the start in center despite facing a righthander. I would gladly give up some offense for the defense BA brings to the team. And I’m not convinced a strict platoon situation with Mackowiak makes sense anyways as I’ve haven’t noticed BA having problems specific to righthanders. Anyways, you might as well give BA a chance to hit against mediocre righties such as Loe and save Mackowiak for the tougher ones.

And please, oh please, let this article be a joke.