Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday Big Ten Picks

Last week against the spread: 2-1
Pick of the week: 1-0
Last week straight up: 4-1

YTD against the spread: 8-1
YTD Pick of the week: 3-0
YTD straight up: 10-4

My unbeaten streak came to an end last week as Michigan upset Purdue. Of the three games I picked, that was the game I was least confident about. Oh well, I can live with 2 out of 3 each week. Iowa squeaked out a win at Penn St. and Ohio State routed Indiana. Like I said, the Buckeyes aren't that good this year, but Indiana is still Indiana.

I have three more picks against the spread this week. I'll start by taking Michigan State and 11 points against the Wolverines in Ann Arbor. I'm ready to admit that Michigan is good. They were impressive last week and I think they'll win on Saturday. But 11 points seems a bit too much to give a big rival and an improving State team.

Next, I'll take Ohio State (-6.5) against Penn State. Last week's route of Indiana should give the Buckeyes some confidence. And their defense shouldn't have much trouble with the Penn State offense. If this was away I wouldn't be comfortable picking the Buckeyes. But they should safely win by +7 at home.

My pick of the week is Iowa (-11) over Illinois down in Champaign. This goes against my usual rule of not picking against huge home underdogs. But after last week's humiliating loss against the Gophers and rumors of Ron Turner being fired (about time) I can't see Illinois putting together much of a challenge. Iowa by 20.

I'm tempted to take Minnesota (-17) over Indiana, but I don't want to violate my rule twice in the same week. I'll just take them straight up along with Purdue over Northwestern.