Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Hot Streak

Wow, I've been on a roll with my college football predictions. Two weeks ago I predicted Northwestern would upset Ohio State which they did. That inflated my ego so I thought I would go ahead and predict all the Big Ten games last week. I finished 4-0 against the spread, correctly predicting Wisconsin, Penn State, Minnesota, and Michigan State to cover.

I went 4-1 overall as I also predicted the Gophers to win straight up, which they failed to do, losing by 3.

So I guess I'll post my predictions earlier this week to give all you gambling types a heads up.

Speaking of gambling types, Aaron Gleeman is complaining about how tired he is today because he stayed up watching the Yankees-Red Sox game. Poor boy had to get up and go to class. Well, I managed to stay up to watch the game last night and it ended by 11.

Now when I was in college I also struggled to make morning classes but it was rarely from staying awake to 11 watching baseball. It was usually because I was staying up to 4 in the morning doing an assortment of activities, most of them legal.

So if Gleeman was tired this morning it means either:
a. he had other things going on, like downing a six pack, that he failed to mention.
b. he's a girlie man.

Now I know how they grow these Paul Bunyon types of up in Minnesota and Wisconsin so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and guess a.

But if he's tired now I don't suggest working full time, going to school part time, and having a baby at age 30.

And speaking of school, Kellogg was just again rated the number 1 b-school by Businessweek. The Wall Street Journal rated us sixth in the nation last month but the Businessweek rating seems to be the one that gets all the headlines. Anyway, for the price of tuition, we damn well better be number 1!