Thursday, October 28, 2004


I thought last night’s Smallville, where Clark and Lionel Luther switched bodies, was the best episode so far this year. I always find it entertaining when actors switch characters. Last night reminded me of my college days when I watched David Canary play both the rich, manipulative Adam on All My Children, as well as his dim-witted twin brother Stuart. Don’t even get me started on David Canary portraying Adam pretending to be Stewart. Classic stuff.

Anyway, I thought both the Tom Welling (Clark) and John Glover (Lionel) did a great job of picking up the mannerisms of each character. It was especially funny watching Lionel (in Clark’s body) hit on all the pretty young high school girls. But the highlight was him asking Clark’s mom for a hug.

My wife was not as enthused by the episode, as she found it disgusting watching this old man lusting after Smallville’s teen population. But given the fact the he just went from the body of a dying old man in prison to a buff young stud, I think you can cut the guy some slack. Hell, if you put me back in high school in Tom Welling’s body and I ---- well, I better not go there seeing as I have in-laws that read this site.

But I’ll just say that I thought old Lionel was quite restrained in chasing after the girls. I mean all this guy could think about was trying to get his hands on his $57 million. Come on Lionel, you are supposed to be a criminal genius/businessman and you can’t figure some way to turn your new found superhuman powers into unending riches? You had to have the $57 million that was sitting in your bank account?

But that’s a minor quibble. I don’t watch the show for it’s compelling logic.