Monday, March 20, 2006

Bye Bye Borchard

The Sox finally said goodbye to Joe Borchard by trading him to the Mariners for Matt Thornton. The guys at USSMariner seem happy about the deal, although many are just glad to see Thornton gone.

But a few people over there seem to think that Borchard will actually help Seattle win a few games. One person called his 191/254/342 batting line a small sample size. Well, its not that small, coming in 100 games and 300 at bats at the major league level. And I wouldn't put too much stock in his minor league numbers. Charlotte is an extreme home run park, I believe the most extreme in all of baseball, and yet he never even posted a 500 slugging percentage there. Nothing in his background suggests he should be on a major league roster.

I don't think this trade is going to help either team. But both players were out of options and not likely to make their respective teams anyways. Both teams are playing the lottery. Spending little without much expectation of anything in return.