Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Rational Thought

I was out on vacation last week and missed this bit of commom sense from Rich Lederer at the Baseball Analysts:

To suggest that the White Sox weren't a great team is ignoring the facts. We can form our own opinions going into a season or quote Pythagorean records but the bottom line in measuring how successful--or unsuccessful--a team is (or was) is based on actual wins, place in the standings, and performance in the playoffs. Period. It is simply a mistake to do otherwise. If we want to use Pythagoras for predicting future performance, fine, go for it. But the bottom line isn't about having the biggest run differentials; it is about winning games.

After winning the World Series it gets easier to ignore all the haters out there. But it is nice to see someone call them out for being so willfully ignorant.