Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Division Race

The Sox begin a stretch of 22 games against Central Division rivals tonight.  I think we will no know after these 22 games who will be the Central Division champs.
Cleveland has hung around all season and now find themselves only 4 games out of first, 3.5 behind the Sox.  The Sox and Indians have a two game set starting tonight with each team's top hurlers facing each other.  Tonight it’s Buerhle against Lee, tomorrow Garcia against Sabathia.  I would be happy with a split to end the current 10 game road trip.
The Sox will also face Cleveland in a 4 game set at the Cell starting August 6th.
I don’t think Detroit is really in the mix, but the Sox will face them 7 times in the next 22 games.

The Sox only play the Twins 3 times over the next 22 games.  But more importantly, the Twins start a 13 games stretch against the Sox, Boston, Anaheim and Oakland next Monday.  The Twins have had trouble beating good teams this year.  Let’s hope their troubles continue.  Maybe Minky will come off the disabled list and they’ll send Morneau back down to AAA  Or better yet, maybe they'll trade him to Toronto.

The fun starts tonight