Monday, July 19, 2004

Sox News

A disappointing loss yesterday ended a disappointing 4 game set against the A's.  The Sox got up early on Mulder, but Loaiza wasn't able to hold the lead. 
Loaiza actually didn't pitch that poorly, but made two mistakes to Dye and one to Crosby.  Rowand almost made a great catch on Crosby's 2-run shot, but he couldn't hold on as he crashed into the fence.  On the bright side, the Twins dropped 3 of 4 to the Royals, which is much worse than losing a series to the A's.  So the Sox were able to knock off 4 of the hardest games of their schedule without losing ground to the Twins.  I would saying losing 3 out of 4 to the Royals was pathetic, but I'm sure if I did, the Sox would end up doing the same. 
In other news, the Sox reacquired Carl Everett.  Unfortunately, the 2004 version does not seem to come with the same features as the 2003 version.  Missing are home runs, hits and rbis.  But I do feel more comfortable with Everett than I do with Borchard taking the at bats left by the Big Hurt's big hurt.
35th Street Mess believes the Everett trade means that we can officially close the books on trying to resign Magglio.  What, you don't thing another team will give Carl more than $4 million next year?  Yeah, me neither.
Everett replacing Maggs in 2005 would certainly be a downgrade.  But I have to add that Magglio probably isn't worth more than the $14 million that he is currently being paid.  If the Sox keep the same budget, I'm sure they will be able spend the money saved to make up for Magglio's absence.  After all, Magglio has put up some great numbers as a player, but he hasn't reached the level of hitters such as Thomas, Ramirez, Guerrero, or Rodriguez that would justify such a big contract.