Thursday, July 08, 2004

Huge Win

This losing streak was about to get out of control and it looked like the Sox were about to dig themselves a huge hole before the all-star break. Gee, does that sound familiar.

But the Sox made an impressive comeback against one of the best relievers in baseball, Francisco Rodriguez.

In fact, the Sox twice came back from 3 run deficits today. The bad news is that Esteban Loaiza was the cause of both deficits as he continued his string of bad outings. Hopefully he won't actually pitch in the All Star game. This will not only help rest his arm but might save the Sox from watching their "All-Star" from getting shelled by the NL All-Stars on national television.

In fact, the whole staff could use some rest. With Ordonez coming back, the offense should be fine. It's the pitching staff that has me worried.