Thursday, October 09, 2003


Gleeman asks the same question I was pondering last night. What in the world was Mark Prior doing pitching in the 8th? Actually, he wonders why Prior was pitching the 7th. Even if you don't subscribe to pitch count/injury theories, which I do, why even take the chance in a ten run ballgame?

Anyway, posting may be light for the next few weeks for various reasons. One, I don't particularly enjoy writing about the Cubs accomplishments. Especially since the Sox failed to live up to their end the bargain in giving the city a cross town classic. Two, the fall quarter just started and financial derivatives seem to be taking up a lot of my time. Three, year end at work is our is always the busy season. And finally, we have a baby due any day now so the home front is becoming quite chaotic.

Look for most posts as basketball season starts up. I'm looking forward to the Bulls finally getting back to the playoffs. And if the Bears manage to knock off a couple of more wins I'll be sure to add my two cents. But for now, I don't plan on wasting my time highlighting their ineptness.