Friday, October 31, 2003

I Thought It Was Halloween...

But I guess it's April Fool's Day.

Will Carroll has a post today titled "Thank You Mr. Thomas"

It reads:

"Pardon me for gloating today, but by Frank re-upping with the Sox it virtually guarantees that they'll be non-contenders again in '04.

What a great world we live in!"

Now this is one stupid thing to say. It's only two sentences so it shouldn't be hard to take apart. First of all he writes that it virtually guarantees the Sox will be non-contenders again. Say what? The Sox were in first place up until the last 2 weeks of the season. They had an opportunity to take the division until being swept in Minnesota. Is that a non-contender?

Thomas has great numbers so Carroll must be referring to his clubhouse presence. Now I have no idea who Mr. Carroll is, but I doubt he has the intimate knowledge of the inner dynamics of the White Sox clubhouse to make such an assessment.

I would go on, but his readers are already taking him to task in his comments section. So I'll just add that the Sox have finished in first 3 times in Frank's 13 seasons. For Chicago baseball, that's about as good as it gets (or at least as good as it's been). And there is no way your going to convince anyone the Sox would have won more games with Matt LeCroy at DH.