Friday, October 03, 2003

Friday Football Picks

So what was more embarrasing for Chicago last Monday? The Bears getting run over by the Ahman Green "Machine", or Jim Belushi hamming it up, getting face time as Mr. Chicago. I go with Belushi. But the blowout just exacerbated the Belushi embarassment, as it meant extra chat time with Al and John.

By the way, do people really like John Madden? I think he's just awful and has been for the last ten years. He only states the obvious and gets that wrong an awful lot. I'll blame his so called "popularity" on the media. Why? Because I'm part of the vast right wing conspiracy and have marching orders to blame everything on the media.

I did hear Al Michaels say something intelligent. He stated that the 13-3 2001 season was in fact a curse in disguise. His basic point was that the Bears were more lucky than good and ended up signing a lot of players to long term contracts instead of trying to improve the team. I couldn't agree more with his analysis of the situation.

So what does that say about Jerry Angelo and Dick Jauron? I mean, it was no secret that the Bears were more like a 9-7 team than a 13-3 team. But yet they signed Holdman, Robinson, Azumah, and McQuarters to long term contracts. It's clear now that these players are mediocre at best, and downright terrible at worst. They've now benched Azumah for a rookie, and if they could they would do the same to Mr. RW "I no longer wear a band-aid under my eye because Nelly stopped wearing one" McQuarters.

The defense might be okay if the Bears supposedly "great" defensive players showed up to play. But Packers center Flanigan pushed Urlacher around like a baby in a stroller all night. But I'm sure Urlacher got credit for some 15 tackles anyway. Too bad most were 15 yards down the field. And I'm getting very tired of hearing what a smart player Mike Brown is. If he was so smart, he would have just let go of Ahman Green on the 5 yard line. Instead he humiliated himself by getting dragged in the end zone wrapped around Green's leg like a three year old hanging on to his mommy.

Anyway, the football picks are up over at SethSpeaks. I was 7-7 last week which left me 35-25 for the year. Okay - if it were against the spread. But this week I actually looked at the standings and team stats so I'm looking forward to a big weekend.