Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Wood 1, Braves 0

I was starting to feel a bond with the Cubs last night. They were blowing so many chances it reminded me of another local ballclub.

Only one hit off Wood in the early innings but it goes for a home run. It shouldn’t have mattered because the Cubs were putting runners on all night. They loaded the bases with no outs in the fourth. Next three batters: strike out, strike out, pop out. Then they load the bases again in the sixth with no outs. Next batter, pinch-hitting sausage beater Randall Simon strikes out. Now Bako is up and no one expects him to do anything. All the sportwriters are sharpening their kni-, I mean pencils, ready to pounce on the Cubs. And wouldn’t you know it Bako hits a double play ball.

But hold on, Fick mishandles the ball and the Braves only get one out and the tying run scores. Now Wood comes up with two outs and puts the game away. He got a fastball right down the middle of the plate and put a nice easy swing on it. Two bagger to the gap. Now the writers have to start all over. No more wasted gem. New line – Wood pitching and offensive star. One inning, one misplay, one huge hit. A great win for the Cubs in a game that was heading towards a demoralizing defeat.