Tuesday, September 09, 2003

1 Down, 3 To Go
The Sox pulled out the first game 5-2. They scored all 5 runs with two outs in the first. Some good hitting was on display, but there were also a few bad pitches. Two pitches stand out. With one out and the bases empty, Lohse threw a breaking ball to C. Lee that was low but over the plate. Carlos lined it down the line just foul. Now you and I might say to ourselves, “El Caballo just nailed that pitch, we better not throw that again.” But I guess Pierzynski and Lohse said to themselves, “El Caballo just nailed that pitch. He would never expect us to throw that again.” So Lee gets the same pitch, nails it again, but this time keeps it fair for a two bagger.

The second questionable pitch was to Miguel Olivo with the score 3-0 and the bases loaded. Lohse let go a fastball straight down the middle of the plate that Olivo smashed for a two run double. Now Olivo hits breaking balls like Serrano from the movie Major League. I’m sure the Twins were hesitant to throw breaking balls after Lohse had already walked two and with the bases loaded. But I would still only throw junk to Olivo until there were two balls in the count. He smashed the fastball, the only pitch he has shown the ablity to hit, on a 1-1 count.

After the first, Lohse pitched very well. But five runs were enough as Colon went the distance. Colon didn’t have his best stuff and had to walk a tightrope a few times. The Twins did have runners on 2nd & 3rd with no outs in the 7th. But Colon snagged a liner back to the mound, struck out Manischewitz and got LaCroix to pop out on a high fastball.