Monday, September 08, 2003

East Coast Bias
ESPN recently had a few articles on whether East Coast Bias actually exists. Of course, as a sign of the times, they had a couple of writers take the extreme on each side.

Well, I would like to add some anecdoctal evidence to the argument. Every time I watch Baseball Tonight I have to wait for 3/4 of the program to go by to catch highlights of the AL Central. Now this may be the most exciting race in baseball, but before they show anything I have to sit through the Phils, Marlins, Red Sox, Yankees, Roy Halladay before they move over to the Giants, A's, Seattle, Cardinals, Cubs & Astros and finally the Sox and Twins.

Then yesterday, while watching the bottom line* on ESPN News, during the middle of football highlights, they decided to show the highlights of one ball game. Care to guess which one? Yankees-Bosox.

The Twins and White Sox start a four game series tonight that might decide the AL Central. We'll see if this fact makes its way East.

* waiting for baseball scores on Saturday and Sunday during football season is like watching the departure/arrival screens at the airport. I haven't even heard of half the colleges they put up. Why doesn't ESPN just put two tickers on the bottom?