Thursday, September 04, 2003

NFL Picks

Last year's record: very bad
This year's record: perfect so far

Last year I participated in a pick-em pool with the inlaws for the first time and made the worst showing in that pool's history. So what do I do this year? Join two pools. I am also participating in a friendly pool of baseball bloggers over at I thought I had made some questionable picks, but I seemed to be in the mainstream with the other baseball bloggers. I hope that this is a good omen of better luck this year in the money pool.

WAS over NYJ
SF over Bears
NYG over STL
BUF over NE
PIT over BAL
CAR over JAX
MIA over HOU
IND over CLE
DEN over CIN
ARI over DET
GB over MIN
KC over SD
DAL over ATL
SEA over NO
TEN over OAK
PHI over TB

AFC Champ - IND
NFC Champ - PHI
Super Bowl - PHI
MVP - McNabb
ROY- Charles Rogers