Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Baseball Journalism
Last week I commented on a post from Ben Jacobs at the Universal Blog who thought Carlos Lee was having a disappointing season compared to last year. I agreed that it wasn’t a breakout season for Lee, but thought it was good nonetheless.

Anyway, Jacobs wrote that he was sure most journalists and even players probably thought that this was a breakout season for Lee, just because his average, HRs and RBIs were up this year. Well he nailed this one, as there were articles in both papers today about Lee having a breakthrough season. The Trib article touts him as a possible future MVP candidate, while the Sun-Times says he is having a Frank or Mags type season. Lets take a look at their numbers for this year.

Ordonez 2003 OBP/Slug/OPS - 388/561/949
Thomas 2003 OBP/Slug/OPS - 387/556/942
Lee 2003 OBP/Slug/OPS - 337/517/849

Not quite. I don’t think Lee will ever have a Magglio or Thomas type season.