Thursday, September 11, 2003

Must Win
Before I talk briefly about last nights game, I would like to thank all those who work to make this country the place it is and strive to bring freedom to others less fortunate than ourselves.

It's been strange two years. Things have gone pretty much back to normal, but normal is not what it was before 9/11/01. And for the many who criticize our current administration I believe it is important that they put forth an alternate vision of how the Middle East should be transformed. This region is the source of many of the worlds problems and must be dealt with in some fashion.

On to baseball.

It’s hard to be upset with last nights loss. This was the one game that Minnesota should have won and they did. But still, the Sox did waste a good opportunity to score in the 7th and they were able hit some balls hard in the first couple of innings off Santana. Oh well.

It looks like the Twins got a make up call in the fifth. On Tuesday they had a runner thrown out at third who was clearly safe. Last night that had a runner called safe at first who was clearly out. This was the start of their two run fifth inning and turned out to be a very important play. The Twins jumped ahead 2-0 in a pitchers duel and didn’t look back.

If the Sox win today I’m sure I’ll post my thoughts going into this weekends Boston series. If they lose I’ll probably post my football picks.