Wednesday, September 03, 2003

On Deck

Buehrle goes against Lowe tonight. Buerhle has pitched once against the BoSox this year and only gave up one one on four hits in 8 IP. That win bumped his record up to 3-10 and started his turnaround. The Sox might have a chance to pick up a game tonight, as Minnesota is down 4-0 to Anaheim as I write this.

It would be nice to go into next Mondays four game series with the Twins up at least two games. If the Sox can take 3 of 4 it would give them a much needed cushion before Minnesota has a chance to beat up on some cupcakes. As for KC, I still don't think they have much of a chance. Of course, I thought that all year. But I don't see how they can continue to win (although they haven't won much since the break) with their horrible starting pitching. I mean, how bad can your pitching be when a guy who clears waivers is automatically your ace?