Monday, September 22, 2003

Sox Hatin'
I guess winning the division isn’t enough for some people. I think a Sox fan must of ran over his dog or something.

I never really understood why the White Sox generate so much hostility. Last week, in about his tenth post in a row dancing on the Sox's grave, Gleeman made comments about how cocky and arrogant the Sox were. I guess he’s talking about Ray Durham’s comments – last year. Uh, well, he’s no longer on the team. Or maybe he’s mad because Billy Koch said the Twins got some lucky bounces last season. Hardly cocky and arrogant stuff.

Anyway, I went to the game Friday night and had a good time. The Sox won, and its fun to watch them play when their hitting well. As for this club being cocky and arrogant, that’s not a very apt description. Konerko’s a good guy. Magglio says less than ten words a season. Lee seems to have a good time playing. Thomas can be difficult, but I’ve never seen him disrespect other teams. Manuel’s nickname is “Gandhi” for crying out loud.

As far as I can remember, Valentin is the only player to make any type of arrogant statement this year, after sweeping the Royals in KC. If anything, the Sox lacked confidence against the Twins and were too deferential. I think they could of used some arrogance.

So where does the hostility come from? Is Hawk that annoying? I guess I’ll stick with my dog theory.