Friday, September 12, 2003

Friday Football Picks
The picks for Week 2 are up over at I'm currently in second place. This week the Bears have the privilege of getting pasted on national TV. I like to be optimistic but I don't see how the Bears can win. They have a weak defensive line and bad cornerbacks, not a good combination. And dare I say, their middle linebacker is a tad bit overrated. Now, I love Urlacher, and I'm glad he's on my team. But he's not great a shaking off blockers. So without a good defensive line in front of him, its harder for the Bears to exploit his athletecism. That said, there is only one other middle linebacker who I think is better and that's Ray Lewis.

They are equally inept on offense. I didn't want the Bears to sign Kordell Stewart (I had hoped the Bears would have tried to sign Griese). But after they signed him I hoped for the best. But last week he stunk. Maybe it's not all his fault. He does have a moron for an offensive coordinator.

Last weeks record: 11-5
Year to date: 11-5